Transform Your Home To Brand New

November 25, 2017 By jeet

Transform Your Home To Brand New

basementAnother beneficial use of home improvement dollars is to finish your basement. Typically, basements extend under the entire base of your home. It is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the living space in your home, as compared to a home addition. Even leaving part of the basement unfinished for a storage area, you can still add valuable living area, such as a family room, exercise room, or game room. If your home happens to be set up with a walk-out basement, then the finished basement area will also increase the square-footage count of your home—a huge plus, should you want to sell.


home_landscapeThis is one area that can really attract a potential buyer to want to come in or take a second look at the home. While curb appeal is very important, it can do relatively little to actually add value to your home. With that in mind, you must be very careful how much money you intend to spend on this type of improvement. The good news is, you can do most of the work yourself and save a lot of money instead of hiring a professional landscaper—if you do a little research . Some things to consider are: the climate zone in which you live, whether you are looking for evergreen or deciduous shrubbery, perennials or annuals, and height, width and color of shrubbery or flowers.

Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor-Living-SpaceMake your own backyard into an outdoor oasis by adding a covered or screened-in porch, deck, patio, or built-in barbecue area. Giving your family an outdoor area to gather for dinner, parties, or just relaxing can make your house feel like new. You can make this very simple by building a small deck with a grilling area or it can be a much grander scale by adding a swimming pool, built-in fire pit, or multi-tier deck. There are so many options with outdoor living when it comes to low-maintenance composite decking, with built-in runner lights, to pavers for patios, to outdoor solar lighting, to gazebos. This can range from very small, do-it-yourself projects to those which require professional assistance. One thing to keep in mind when creating an outdoor living area is that the money you put in won’t give you much increase in overall home value. Outdoor improvements can, however, be a great selling point to the right future buyer though.


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