Dining Furniture

May 25, 2017 By jeet

Dining Furniture

Why we believe that our Ultimate Picnic Table is THE Ultimate Picnic Table

Starting from the ground up using zinc plated nuts, washers and cup head bolts as standard, we manufacture an unbeatable A frame leg design using 200mm x 50mm legs, complimented with 100mm x 75mm rails for a much more aesthetically pleasing and proportionate look. From there, the 800mm wide table top is triple braced underneath using one timber baton either end and one in the middle, which is glued and also screwed using 50mm Galvanised Type 17 screws, leaving each board level with the next. Without these braces there is a high chance that the table top boards may warp or twist, therefore making the table less appealing to look at and uncomfortable to use. Furthermore, these braces will keep the table top boards aligned and level when moving the table.

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  • Great for pubs/clubs, schools, parks, restaurants, hospitals, golf courses, your backyard; any place is a great place for the ultimate picnic tables, benches & larger settings.
  • Timber is 50mm thick Australian Hardwood.
  • Galvanised Bolts also available for coastal areas, at an additional price of $33.
  • Umbrella Holes can be added to your table at an additional price of $11.
  • We can also make a smaller version of this table for use in daycares, preschools, infant schools or for the little people at home.

Once the table is all but finished, one more brace is added from each leg to the underside of the table top, therefore preventing any further movement. All timber ends are then treated with a timber end grain sealer which is necessary to control checking and splitting during the seasoning of the timber. Without the use of a timber end grain sealer there is a possibility that, due to our harsh Australian climate, the timber may check or split on the ends consequently becoming dangerous and unsightly.

With thousands of settings sold Australia Wide over the last 20 years, we have come to know that applying these preventative measures to all of our products is not only necessary to deliver the best possible product, but it is also what sets us apart from the competition.


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