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Ace Hardwood Floors Cape Cod - For hundreds of years, hardwood floors have already been gracing magnificent homes through the Deep South to elegant homes of kings and queens. Known for durability and total attractiveness, hardwood floors have gained throughout the years, rapidly becoming the choice of floor coverings considered traditionally installed carpeting because of the low maintenance of hardwood floors and also the beauty that lies within.

There are just two fundamental kinds of hardwood flooring, solid wood, and engineered wood. With many editions of engineered wood floors available, selecting the wood flooring that is correct might be at best, frustrating and confusing. While the language associated with "hardwood", often leads to buying a flooring that does not fit allotted budget guidelines or installment restrictions to which the flooring is intended, not all hardwood floors are in fact; "natural hardwood".

Hardwood flooring is traditionally cut from a log within an bare board form with tongue and groove ground on all sides. Due to the sensitivity of natural "solid" hardwood from humidity and dampness, natural solid wood floors are typically installed at or above ground level. The natural beauty of wood grains found in solid hardwoods is appealing and alluring with finishes that may be completed upon installment in your home or factory finished with a pre-determined choice of unlimited finishes to choose from.

As one may anticipate the priciest of wood floor choices, hardwood flooring is. It is not unusual for "solid" hardwood floors to exceed two to three times the price over other flooring selections as well as in the majority of instances is out of reach of those on restricted budget guidelines. Accessible a number of North American wood species, "solid" hardwood floors are noticed for durability and total attractiveness that will last a very long time.